Four Tips For Error-Proof Your Medical Bill

The chances of an error in your medical bill are alarming. According to reports, about 30% to 80% of the medical bills in the U.S. contain a possible error. The error rate is expected to rise further as more healthcare practitioners implement their in-house EHR programs and fail to provide their staff with adequate training for system use.


Here are four tips that can help eliminate the errors in a medical bill:


Verify insurance benefits


For every new or returning patient, it is important to contact their insurer to verify their coverage date, allowed benefits, and copayments as these can change over time and result in a billing error.


Check patient information


Minor errors in a patient’s name, D.O.B, or gender can lead to claim rejection. Always double check if the information is correct. If the patient is not the primary policyholder, check the relationship to the primary holder for accuracy.


Re-check the coding


Rejection of a claim can be, among many other reasons, cause due to incorrect diagnosis or procedure code. Entering a wrong code can lead to insurer believing that there is a lack of medical necessity or the procedure performed does not align with the authorization. Ensure that the staff has appropriate training, and they are using the latest coding methods.


Ensure a service hasn’t been previously billed


In some cases, tests or procedures are rescheduled or canceled, and their bills are mistakenly submitted. Chart audits can identify and avoid filing the same bill twice.


Taking extra care and attention while filing a medical bill and providing proper training can efficiently eliminate medical billing errors. Implementing quality control programs can significantly reduce errors in the coding process.


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