Improve Your Medical Practice with a Patient Portal

Patient portals have become increasingly popular as more and more people have devices to access the internet. These portals are very convenient to use, providing easy access to personal medical records and information on the go.

Implementing a patient portal can increase efficiency, patient engagement, and satisfaction. Improve your medical practice with the help of a patient portal in the following ways.

  • Patients can stay connected – Patients can request an appointment, prescription refills, complete forms, and much more by logging on to the portal, even after office hours. The portal enables patients to interact with you according to their schedule and increases the chances of them coming back.       

  • Reduce administrative duties –Patient portals can reduce the time staff spends on the phone making appointments or confirming test results with the patient. It also reduces the paperwork by allowing patients to fill out information forms online and avoid repetition of details.   

  • Avoid repeating information – Maintaining updated information about patients is essential. Storing this information on the portal allows patients to update their details online and avoid filling out the patient detail form over and over again.

  • Educate patients –Using the portal, patients can access valuable information that can help them understand their problems and treatments better. An online medical library can save time and money by making information accessible anytime from a smartphone or computer.

  • Instant access and bill payment – Patient portals can increase cash flow and make bill payment process quicker by making patient’s personal medical and billing records available online, and making it convenient for them to make payments.

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