7 Benefits of Outsourcing your Medical Claims Management

Implementing an electronic health record (EHR) is a smart move that facilitates a smooth workflow and effective communication from peers to patients. There has been a significant boom in the number of Health IT organizations that offer a scalable solution that fit your organization’s needs. However, it is equally challenging to manage such a complex process, especially with the ever-changing regulations.

Outsourcing the management of your claims can have immense benefits. We list the top 7 benefits to outsource your medical claims management to a company like Mirra.

Reduce administrative duties

By partnering with a trusted medical billing company, you spend fewer dollars and lesser man-hours in training your internal staff and to keep them updated with industry changes. Outsourcing will enable your staff to save up on the time ‘wasted’ on paperwork and focus better on patient care.

Verify patient information automatically

Automated patient verification will bring transparency and clarity, and reduces time spent on the phone checking coverage, but you'll also have access to immediate information about whether a patient has met their deductible, maxed out their number of visits for a particular illness or injury, or become ineligible due to job change or other reasons.

Increase cash flow and reduce cost

Partnering with a claims management company that can integrate services for revenue cycle management could boost revenue potential. You typically reduce revenue cycle time, with less effort from your administration, and you don't have to invest in on-going training.

Improve patient satisfaction

With less stress and more time to spend with patients, your staff and physicians can focus on patients more, resulting in higher quality of care, while Mirra takes care of the rest.

Process claims faster

Our very own gateway for claims processes a thousand of claims a day. Our solution offers easy conversion of paper claims to electronic claims with tracking enabled at every stage of the process.

Eliminate Errors

Our in-house billing and claims processing software reduces the error rate from the average 30% to less than 0.1%. This means fewer denials, fewer claims pended for additional information and less work for your practice team.

Validate Data

Mirra offers three levels of validation to ensure your claims are error free. Manual validation is also carried out by a claims validation manager.

The claims management wing of Mirra Healthcare ensures that all the claims are submitted on time and with the correct information. We understand the importance of entering the right information so there are no delays or denials on behalf of the insurance provider. Focus on your patient care, while we take care of the rest.

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