7 Reasons for Choosing External Credentialing Services Provider

Most practicing physicians in today’s day and age find their workdays occupied with much more than what they are trained to do. A large chunk of their time is taken up by peripheral activities like making sure that your credentialing is up to date, your medical license has not expired, you have privileges at hospitals of your choice and that you are accurately renegotiating your contracts with insurance companies frequently. Each one of these tasks requires a lot of intense deliberation and paperwork that is bound to keep physicians away from their actual job – treating sick people.

Mirra is a solutions provider that can help you offload all those tasks related to credentialing and contract management that overburden you and eat into your physician-patient time.

As your credentialing and contract management processor and advisor, Mirra can benefit you in many ways. Here are some of the things that Mirra can help you with:

1. Accurate Application Submission for Credentialing – An incorrectly filled credentialing application can cause much trouble since incorrect entries or omission of data can cause delayed provider credentialing. By hiring Mirra to do this for you, you can sit back and relax while experienced professionals handle the application process.

2. 100% Compliance – With the ever-changing laws and policies related to medical credentialing and licensing, it can get very challenging to keep up and stay compliant. The experts at Mirra are always up-to-date with the current requirements and norms and can help you reach 100% compliance.

3. Preventing Cash Flow Issues – Incorrect credentialing can lead to a lot of hassle for both your practice and to your patients. If your credentials are not up-to-date, the patients can end up getting billed since the insurance companies will refuse payment for services you have rendered. Mirra can help you avoid this by keeping your credentials current.

4. Processing and Supervising Medical Licensing Process – To be able to legally practice medicine, every physician is required by law to acquire a medical license that needs to be renewed from time to time.  Mirra can help you complete this process in a timely and precise manner to avoid any legal hassles and loss of revenue.

5. Managing New Contracts and Renewing Existing Contracts – Working with insurance companies can be tricky. It is imperative to have someone by your side who is an expert in contract management specifically in the healthcare industry. Mirra can take full responsibility on your behalf to review contracts, negotiate terms that are favorable for you, make sure that contracts are revisited and renewed on time and ensure that you receive highest possible reimbursements.

6. Establishing and Renewing Hospital Privileges – Hospital privileges can help you utilize the facilities like operating rooms, laboratories, etc. at some hospitals. Mirra can help you with your applications to hospitals of your choice, renewals, and modifications. Also, by ensuring that your medical credentials are valid all year round, Mirra can prevent your hospital privileges from being revoked due to credentialing issues.

7. Providing Audit Support – Mirra can help you with audit trails for all of your credentialing, licensing and contract management processes. It is recommended to have such audit trails handy in case your practice gets audited by authorities.

What is most attractive about Mirra is that it is driven by a group of physicians who understand your side of the picture and know what you need. Allow the experts at Mirra to take charge of all your credentialing and contract management needs while you can focus purely on your patients and their requirements.

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