5 Best Practices of Billing Management

Billing is the backbone of your revenue cycle if you’re in the healthcare industry. Billing management stays hidden from the everyday functionalities of patient care but if done right, it can save your practice thousands of dollars and increase the revenue flow.

Working with a company like Mirra, specialized in Billing Management, makes sure that they do not simply follow the motions, but also implement the best practices to perform medical billing which ensure efficient coding, faster claim approvals and shorter turnaround time for collecting payments.

We share with you a few of the best practices that Mirra follows, which enable an effective billing management process.


An in-house gateway to process claims, a software to convert paper claims to electronic claims and automated processes allow your biller to spend less hours on mundane work and gives more time to constantly research and improve the process.


Mirra’s medical billing audits assess the functionality of your practice to identify problem areas and provide solutions to remedy them. Audits reveal the strengths and gaps in the billing process and help make sure that no bills over-coded or under-coded.


Mirra adheres to HIPAA, CPT and ICD guidelines. Mirra’s certified billers and coders are constantly monitored to ensure security and our updated regularly to any change in rules and regulations.


Mirra’s clear and transparent system work across departments to streamline the processes involved. An integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system allows easy system communications with other systems.

 Reports & Analytics

A dashboard to view status of each claim through the billing process and statistics based on various aspects of the process help you better understand the workflow and brings forth opportunities for improvements.

 Mirra ensures efficient Billing management by processing your medical claims your submitting them to ensure payment for the services rendered.

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