Improve Your Patient Satisfaction Score Through Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is a concept that derives its basis from the fact that for some ailments a one-size-fits-all protocol may not work. To be able to practice such customized medicine, one needs processes and tools that can assist in all phases of medical intervention including diagnosis, treatment, and post-discharge care.

Here are 3 things that can help in delivering tailored medical support effectively:

1. Big Data and Machine Learning – Merely studying the electronically stored health information of a patient may not be sufficient when trying to imbibe absorb the principals of customized medicine. Facts added by the patients themselves in the form of fitness data fed into mobile health apps, as well as evidence gleaned by case managers while working with people directly post-discharge, is very useful in extracting learnings that are not apparent. Technology like big data and machine learning that helps in churning a large quantity of information to gain decision-driving insights is advantageous for those looking at boosting patient acceptability and approval.

2. Interoperability – The data requirements of precision medicine can be satiated only when diverse systems that hold innumerable hints are interconnected. A practitioner who can access patient-specific information from a host of data-capturing systems and is, therefore, able to gain a bird’s eye view of the patient’s medical history in totality can provide well- informed and well-rounded care. Additionally, analytics tools require humungous quantities of data that spans the length of a patient’s lifetime to give meaningful results.

3. Case Management – Apart from medical information, a peek into the social and environmental factors affecting a patient is also important when it comes to defining a holistic roadmap for care. Here is where Case Managers come into the picture as they serve as a link between patient and physician even after the patient’s discharge. These healthcare workers perform the crucial task of gathering relevant information related to the socio-economic background of a patient that may prove to be helpful in designing customized recovery plans.

If the goals of your practice include improving patient satisfaction by embracing the principles of precision medicine, then Mirra Health Care can be a worthy partner in your pursuit. By providing you with assistance in the area of data analytics, healthcare-specific interoperability, and case management, the highly trained and qualified professionals at Mirra can help you move towards practicing customized medicine that can improve results and patient satisfaction scores. Reach out to us at -

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