Catering To Healthcare Demands Of Millennials

The need for instant gratification that is often associated with millennials or those who were born in the two-decade period between the years 1980 and 2000 holds true when it comes to their healthcare choices too. Speed, accuracy, and professionalism are the qualities that millennials expect their healthcare provider to possess.

Millennials with their easy access to information through the World Wide Web, their need for both speed and accuracy, and their propensity for living in the moment are changing the way things are done in all sectors today. A quarter of the entire American population is represented by them today, and hence they have become a force to reckon with. As most businesses gear up to cater to the needs of this section of their consumer base, the healthcare industry is also waking up to the prospect of renovating the traditional way of doing things so that the Millennials are engaged and retained.

Here are a few things that healthcare facilities need to focus on if they wish to keep their young patients satisfied:

  1. Simplifying Processes – Millennials are an impatient bunch. They detest spending too much time figuring out complex administrative processes and getting trapped in a web of peripheral paperwork. It is, therefore, recommended that you streamline processes like the admission and billing procedures to give them a seamless experience.

  2. Improving Speed of Service – Millennials live in an era where time is money. Having to idle away in a waiting room or waiting for an eternity to get their health report are not appealing ideas for them. Establishments need to shorten their turnaround time to keep this generation engaged. Setting up a niche, quick-response call centers that help with aspects like appointment booking and cancellations can be helpful in acquiring efficiency. Enhanced speed can also be achieved by trimming administrative processes as far as possible.

  3. Setting Up Telemedicine – An opportunity to consult with their physician without the need to be physically present at their office attracts millennials. Such a facility cuts off the need for carving out precious time from hectic schedules to visit a doctor. A web-based application that allows patients to connect with their physicians remotely is the perfect solution for today’s youth.

  4. Investing In A Patient Portal – Millennials are always online, trying to book things, checking reviews, reading, and doing all those myriad things that once required stepping out of the house. It is essential for healthcare entities to provide this Internet-dependent generation an option to access their health reports and documents online along with informational material related to healthy living.

  5. Providing Wellness Coaching – Since millennials recognize the enormity of the wastage of time and money associated with being sick, they tend to focus on ways to proactively avoid illnesses. Healthcare institutions can help them in achieving this by providing health and wellness guidance which will keep them away from chronic diseases.


Mirra Health Care is a healthcare management company that can be of great assistance in redesigning your organization and incorporating the suggestions given above to will strengthen your consumer base by roping in the elusive Millennials.

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