Unifying Administrative Function and Patient Care

Reduce the time gap between providing a service and receiving payment with our solution

Features & Services

Claims Submission

Timely claims submission of billable fees to insurance companies is carried out for you.

Patient Collections

Patient balances and payments left to be collected are also determined by MIRRA® on your behalf.

Patient Registration

Accurate patient information is collected at all stages to establish an updated and verified medical record.

Remittance Processing

Application or rejection of payments is observed and undertaken through remittance processing.

Third-Party Follow Up

MIRRA® communicates with third-party insurers on your behalf and timely collects payments.

Utilization Reviews

Each medical service offered by your practice is examined to establish its necessity, resulting in proper utilization reviews.

MIRRA® helps create a robust revenue cycle that provides a consistent supply of fuel through seamless financial transactions ensuring the optimal functioning of a health care establishment.

Unify your Administrative Processes

MIRRA® Health Care can help you achieve an uber-efficient approach by offering a complete set of services that work holistically in tandem, to iron out all the creases in your revenue management system.