Medicare Enrollment Services

Reduce cost, maintain compliance, optimize revenue and increase accuracy by outsourcing your enrollment services

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What we do

Enrollment Processing

We process MA-PD and MA enrollment data from paper, electronic, OEC, and telephonic mechanisms

Disenrollment Processing

Work, track, trend, and submit transaction to CMS including an accurate tracking of Out of Area process

TRR Management

Process and manage Transaction Reply Records daily and monthly with high accuracy. Track and trend TRR rejections

LEP Management

Determine no creditable coverage or break in coverage, calculate the LEP uncover months and manage the CMS LEP amounts in to the system

Notice Management

We create Enrollment letter, submit to HPMS, configure in enrollment system, send the notices within CMS timeframes and using automation to increase the efficiency and accuracy

MMR Management

We work all the Enrollment discrepancies monthly to increase the revenue for HMOs


Reduced Costs


CMS Submissions


COB Processing


Optimize Revenue


Maintain Compliance


Premium Billing


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