A teacher in England delivered 7,500 packed lunches to his students during the pandemic

July, 2020

Zane Powles, a 48-year-old teacher in England, prepared 85 lunches each morning for his students when the school?where he packed the lunches?closed during the pandemic. This award-winning ?hero? teacher walked 7.5 miles every day over 17 weeks and delivered 7,500 packed lunches.

Image Source: SWNS

Oxytocin found to reverse damage in mice brains; could be a breakthrough in Alzheimer?s research

July, 2020

For the first time, Alzheimer?s research revealed that the chemical Oxytocin might be useful in treating and reversing degenerative disorders including dementia. An increase in signaling abilities was found when added to the brains of mice. Oxytocin is released in the pituitary gland of humans.

Image Source: SWNS licensed, Adam Harnett

Washington man saves 2.4 million pounds of farmers? crops, sends them to food banks

July, 2020

The voluntary act of kindness by George Ahearn to haul around 2,000 pounds of onion and potatoes grown by farmers led to a nonprofit organization called EastWest Food Rescue. It has saved over 2.4 million pounds of onions and potatoes from going to waste while also compensating the farmers

Image Source: All photos by EastWest Food Rescue ? Facebook

Husband and wife married for 46 years survived through COVID and Cancer chemo together

July, 2020

Janice Beecham and her husband who have been married for 46 years had to battle through COVID-19, but they came out on the other side as winners together. Janice also underwent invasive surgery for breast cancer a month before being declared positive for coronavirus

Image Source: Good News Network

Nonprofit turns an abandoned prison into year-round-farming and education centers

July, 2020

Growing Change, a nonprofit organization, with the help of at-risk youth and jobless wounded veterans has been turning old prisons in North Carolina into year-round farming and education centers. They offer life skills, animal husbandry, sustainable farming practices as well as a clinical therapy.

Image Source: http://growingchange.org/ / FB

Man honors a handshake deal made three decades ago with a friend to split lottery jackpot

July, 2020

When Tom Cook of Elk Mound won the $22 Million Powerball jackpot, he called up his friend Joe Feeney to split the winnings. Both had shaken hands three decades ago that if either one of them won the Powerball jackpot, they would split the prize money.

Image Source: Wisconsin Lottery

Single mom shows gratitude by donating all her $100 lottery win to Kansas City police officers

July, 2020

A single mom, Shetara Sims, decided to anonymously donate all her $100 lottery winnings to the family of a local Kansas City police officer wounded in the line of duty. The donation was to thank the Kansas City police officers? efforts when Shetara?s eldest daughter was killed

Image Source: Kansas City Missouri Police

One woman in a random act of kindness raised $84,000 for a 94-year-old street vendor

July, 2020

Kenia Barragan, a 28-year-old woman, first gave few bucks and a sandwich to Don Joel, a 94-year-old street vendor selling tamales, and then with the help of her friends and family, she raised $84,000 in donations for him. She also purchased him a new wheelchair and a new pair of shoes.

Image Source: @kenia714 on Instagram

Seven in 10 Americans go an extra mile to support small businesses during COVID-19

July, 2020

A survey conducted by OnePoll asked 2,000 Americans whether they?re supporting small businesses in this difficult time. Seventy-one percent of the respondents said they?re now shifting their shopping habits to supporting local businesses rather than big corporations. They also shared that they?ve supported an average of 10 small businesses.

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Dissolvable bags and biodegradable toothpaste tubes winners of BeyondPlastic Awards

July, 2020

Winners of the 2020 BeyondPlastic Awards, the Wastebased team took a gold spot by replacing polyethylene bags to carry clothing with a bag that dissolves in boiling water whereas a Brazilian team took a silver spot by replacing plastic packaging of toothpaste tubes with durable biodegradable cardboard material

Image Source: Good News Network