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6 Ways in Which Digital Marketing Can Enhance Your Healthcare Business

02 May, 2024

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6 Ways in Which Digital Marketing Can Enhance Your Healthcare Business

The way healthcare businesses operate and market themselves has been changing progressively over the last few years. With more patients turning to online resources, having a strong digital presence is no longer optional - it's essential. That is why healthcare businesses are now leveraging online channels to connect with patients and potential healthcare professionals through digital marketing services.

In this blog post, we will understand the importance of digital marketing solutions for healthcare businesses. Read on to learn more.

What is Digital Marketing in Healthcare Businesses?

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Marketing professionals utilize digital marketing solutions to leverage online channels and connect with patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. According to the reports, more than 7% of daily searches on Google are healthcare-related, with approximately 77% of people relying on search engines before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. This number clearly shows why digital marketing services are the need of the hour to promote healthcare services and build a strong online presence. 

Here at Mirra Health Care, we provide comprehensive growth marketing solutions for healthcare businesses, including digital marketing services. Our data-driven healthcare digital marketing solutions attract new patients, build trust, and fuel long-term growth for your practice.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses

1. Cost-Effective Patient Acquisition

Traditional marketing can be expensive, with studies showing costs per patient acquired reaching $300+ for print and TV. Digital marketing services help healthcare businesses reduce this marketing expense by up to 50% by using effective digital marketing strategies.

Suppose a single page on your website ranks highly on Google for a relevant keyword like "best cardiologist near me." If even one of your SEO-optimized pages receives 1,000 organic hits (visitors) every month, a 1% conversion rate could lead to 10 new patient leads every month from that single page alone.

Now, imagine what will happen if you can achieve that level of performance across 30 different relevant keywords and pages on your website. It can single-handedly increase the number of qualified leads your healthcare business generates, often at a fraction of the cost required for traditional marketing methods.

Another key advantage of healthcare digital marketing is the variety of pricing models available:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): This model allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your digital ad. This is ideal for campaigns focused on driving website traffic and lead generation.
  • Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM): Here, you pay for every 1,000 times your ad is displayed, regardless of clicks. This is well-suited for brand awareness campaigns where increasing visibility is the primary goal.

In addition, techniques like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing reach a wider audience at a lower cost per lead. By choosing the perfect pricing model and techniques based on your specific budget and marketing objectives, healthcare businesses can optimize their marketing and advertising spending.

2. Laser-Focused Targeting

Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, digital marketing solutions allow healthcare businesses to filter their target audience and place their marketing message accordingly.

The following are the primary aspects healthcare businesses can consider while dividing target audiences:

  • Demographic Targeting: Platforms like Meta Ads and Google Ads allow targeting based on demographics like age, location, income, and even interests.
  • Behavioral Targeting: Advanced targeting options enable reaching users based on their online behavior. Healthcare businesses can target individuals who have searched for specific health conditions, visited competitor websites, or shown interest in related health topics.

Mirra’s services follow a laser-focused approach, allowing healthcare businesses to create highly personalized messaging that resonates better with potential patients. Therefore, maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts.

3. Increased Trust

Building trust with potential patients in the competitive healthcare industry is difficult. The following content marketing strategies can establish your healthcare practice as a trusted source of information:

  • Develop informative and educational content that addresses common concerns, treatment options, and preventive measures.
  • Empower patients by providing reliable health information written in clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • Publish content that highlights your team's qualifications and experience. It will help build trust and demonstrate your business’s commitment to patient well-being.

4. Data-Driven Decision

Digital marketing platforms generate usable data that allows healthcare businesses to track their campaign performance in real time. Marketers can analyze metrics like website traffic, lead generation, engagement rates, and even patient demographics.

In addition, digital marketing solutions allow for A/B testing, where businesses can test different variations of their marketing materials (e.g., website copy, ad creative) to see which performs better.

Mirra Health Care’s growth marketing solutions leverage data analytics to help healthcare businesses understand what resonates with their audience. As a result, they can make informed decisions to optimize their campaigns for better results.

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5. Enhanced Organic Search Engine Visibility

Over the past few years, the number of people seeking healthcare information online has risen exponentially. Healthcare businesses can optimize their website and online presence for relevant search terms to increase their visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). When patients search for healthcare services or information associated with your expertise, your website will appear higher in the rankings, driving more qualified traffic. 

According to Statista, approximately 21% of consumers used the internet to find a local business on a daily basis in 2023. Optimizing Google My Business listings and other local directories is crucial to increase visibility to local audiences. This approach will ensure that patients searching for nearby healthcare providers can easily find your practice.

6. Boosting Patient Referrals

Digital marketing services offer several tools and techniques to generate quality leads and referrals. The example of a healthcare brand driving 250,000 digital referrals through targeted campaigns demonstrates the power of this approach in building a patient base.

In addition, a Forbes article also highlighted the importance of social media marketing strategies for effective online reputation management. Building a strong social media presence allows for positive online reviews and testimonials from satisfied patients. This social proof encourages others to consider your practice and can lead to organic referrals.

How Has HIPAA Impacted Digital Marketing in Healthcare?

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) safeguards patients' privacy by protecting their health information. This includes any data that can be used to identify an individual and their health condition. While using digital marketing services, adherence to HIPAA compliance is a crucial responsibility for healthcare businesses.

Key Areas of Impact 

  • Targeted Advertising: HIPAA restricts the use of Patient's Health Information (PHI) for targeted advertising. Therefore, healthcare marketers should utilize broader demographics and interests, ensuring they don't inadvertently reveal any sensitive information.
  • Data Collection and Use: HIPAA dictates how patient data can be collected and used for marketing purposes. Patient consent is crucial when using testimonials, case studies, or even anonymized data that can be traced back to an individual.
  • Website Analytics and Tracking: While website analytics is valuable for understanding user behavior, tracking tools shouldn't collect data that online users can link back to a specific patient.

Healthcare businesses should schedule HIPAA compliance audits at regular intervals to ensure ethical marketing efforts. Mirra Health Care understands the importance of HIPAA compliance in healthcare marketing and ensures all our services strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations to protect patient privacy.

The Bottom Line

If your healthcare businesses haven't yet utilized digital marketing strategies for business growth, now is the right time to start. It's a powerful tool that can transform your healthcare practice and empower you to connect with patients on a whole new level.

Mirra Health Care’s team of experts brings a deep understanding of the healthcare industry coupled with cutting-edge marketing strategies. We'll work closely with you to craft a customized growth strategy that aligns perfectly with your vision. Our healthcare growth marketing service provides a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions to bring engagement, fuel patient acquisition, and drive measurable results. Contact us today to consult our experts and experience the power of healthcare digital marketing services for your business growth!

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