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Enhance Your Claims Processing with Mirra's Advanced Technology Solution

29 Jan, 2024

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Enhance Your Claims Processing with Mirra's Advanced Technology Solution

Do you run an insurance company or a healthcare business and are stuck in an endless loop of claim rejections and delays? For many healthcare providers and insurance organizations, medical claims processing has become a huge challenge, eating up valuable time and resources that could otherwise benefit patients.  

According to a 2020 report by Change Healthcare, the 23% denial rate for claims has significantly impacted revenue for insurers and healthcare organizations. This challenge is compounded by continuously evolving regulations, which drive significant inefficiencies across healthcare.  

But there's a solution to this problem. Opting for reliable medical claims adjudication software is a game-changer for insurance companies and healthcare organizations.   

Mirra Health Care's Claims Adjudication solution addresses these challenges, providing organizations with essential technologies to optimize their revenue cycle and regain control of financial performance.  

In this blog post, we will learn about the transformative power of Mirra's solutions, particularly the Claims Adjudication solution, designed to revolutionize your claims processing and unlock your business's true potential. Let's get started.   

The Burden of Medical Claims Processing

The Claims Burden on Service Providers: Consider this scenario: A patient beams while leaving your office after receiving quality care from you. A rewarding experience! However, behind the scenes, a battle wages with intricate claims processing that diverts your focus to administrative tasks. This crucial task consumes valuable time and resources, shifting attention away from patients.    

Beyond Finances: Insurance providers and hospitals are facing claims management challenges, taking a toll on staff performance. The focus on core operations gets lost in claims paperwork, impacting productivity.   

The Financial Impact: While specifics vary, the financial consequences of the burden are clear for both insurers and medical providers. Physicians may spend 30+ hours monthly navigating claim complexities. Meticulous coding and form attention demands significant time and effort. Unpaid claims and delayed reimbursements strain organizations, hindering growth. Constant denials and delays translate to a major cost burden, shifting focus to financial uncertainty. 

There is a solution. Opt for Mirra’s claims processing solution 

Regain Control: Enhance Efficiency and Revenue with Efficient Claims

Enhance Efficiency and Revenue with Efficient Claims

Beyond paperwork reduction, opting for Mirra’s medical claims adjudication software solution offers strategic advantages that boost your business' finances and streamline operations, including:    

Optimized Workflows: Eliminate backlogs and accelerate claims turnaround with dedicated teams and automation, ensuring swift and accurate submissions. Mirra's solution features real-time tracking and AI checks that minimize errors and delays impacting cash flow.  

Maximized Reimbursements: Deep regulatory expertise reduces claim denials and captures more revenue. Rigorous training drives flawless submissions to enhance reimbursements.   

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Stronger Patient Relationships: Quicker claims settlement enables faster reimbursements and smoother billing for patients. Additional staff availability also enhances communication and transparency. Mirra clients consistently report improved satisfaction.  

Empowered Staff: Automating processes allows staff to focus on delivering exceptional care, boosting outcomes, morale, and retention – facilitating long-term sustainable growth.   

Increased Profitability: Significant cost savings stem from reduced staffing needs and higher accuracy, directly improving your bottom line. Mirra's transparent, value-driven pricing and reimbursement maximization provide financial stability.  

While enhanced workflows and faster payments are clear gains, the advantages extend deeper:  

key benefits

Compliance Assurance: Technology partners stay updated on complex coding and regulations and their effects, ensuring you avoid penalties. Mirra's compliance team and technology handle intricate audits and reporting to enable focus on care.  

Future-Prepared scalability: Fluctuating case volumes are handled seamlessly by use of technology infrastructure and expertise, ensuring your practice adapts and succeeds despite challenges. Mirra's analytics and reporting empower optimized revenue cycle management and strategy.  

By implementing a reliable claims solution like Mirra's, you can redirect energy to delivering outstanding care. Mirra Health Care's Claims solution can specifically help regain control, optimize processes, and empower your practice's full potential. 

Realize Your Healthcare Business’ Full Potential with Mirra

key benefits

Transitioning claims management from a burden to a strategic asset unlocks transformative outcomes for your practice.   

Mirra partners with you to shape a customized revenue cycle solution focused on simplifying workflows through intelligent automation, minimizing errors with real-time analytics, expediting accurate claim settlement, and safeguarding finances through rigorous compliance - enabling clinical breakthroughs, boosting staff productivity, and supporting the sustainable growth of your healthcare business.   

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Our collaborative approach, ongoing optimizations, and transparent service delivery provide complete peace of mind while unlocking new levels of efficiency, revenue, and retention.  

The Bottom Line

Mirra alleviates administrative workload through tailored, high-impact Claims Adjudication solution focused on accelerating the claims adjudication process, reducing denials, ensuring compliance, and unlocking actionable insights. This empowers you to redirect energy to patient care and sustainably grow your practice.   

Get in touch with our experts today to book a demo and learn more.  

Enhance Your Claims Processing with Mirra's Advanced Technology Solution
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NANCY GAREAUCEO of Ultimate Health Plans

"In 2021, Ultimate Health Plans (UHP) partnered with Mirra Health Care (Mirra) to develop a software platform to support processing Claims, Customer Service, Eligibility, Enrollment, Premium Billing, Encounter Processing and a Provider Portal for our Medicare Advantage Plans. Mirra collaborated well with our operations and compliance teams to successfully design and implement a system that was innovative, efficient, and compliant with all Medicare and Florida Medicaid guidelines and requirements all within the scope of our required timeline. We greatly benefitted from the Mirra Project Management Team’s regular communication with Stakeholders through monthly meetings and recurring weekly breakout-focused calls, which were geared towards troubleshooting and goal alignment. Mirra was able to quickly maneuver and adapt their systems to our needs, resulting in successful implementation and go-live. Mirra continues to support our compliant operation and growth in the ever-changing healthcare industry rapidly and effectively updating their systems with new Medicare and Florida Medicaid rates and guidelines to ensure seamless compliance and efficiency. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending their systems to any Payer searching for improvement in their operational efficiency."

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