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7 Effective Online Reputation Management Strategies for Healthcare Businesses

10 Jul, 20241:30 PM

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7 Effective Online Reputation Management Strategies for Healthcare Businesses

In the digital age, the reputation of a healthcare business is considered one of the most valuable assets. Patients are increasingly relying on online reviews and ratings to make informed decisions about their healthcare plans and providers. According to the 2024 Healthcare Marketing Benchmarks Report*, more than 90% of patients consider online reviews when choosing a healthcare service. This statistic clearly defines the importance of online reputation management (ORM) as an integral part of healthcare digital marketing strategies.

In this blog post, we will share the best online reputation management strategies for healthcare plans and how it can enhance business growth. Read on for more.

Best Practices for Online Reputation Management

1. Utilize Reputation Management Tools

Use Online Reputation Management Tools

Effective ORM begins with utilizing the right tools. Online reputation management tools like BirdEye, Podium, and ReviewTrackers can help healthcare businesses monitor and manage their online presence across multiple platforms. These tools offer real-time review monitoring, automated review requests, and analytics to track trends in patient feedback.

Research and choose a reputable ORM tool that fits your business needs. You can also set up real-time alerts to notify you when new reviews are posted.

2. Proactively Monitor Online Platforms

Monitor Online Platforms

To maintain a positive online reputation, marketers should monitor what patients are saying about their healthcare business on various platforms, including Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, and social media. Regular monitoring keeps you updated on both positive and negative feedback and helps you to respond on time.

Here’s how you can monitor online platform proactively:

  • Assign a team member or hire a healthcare digital marketing service to monitor reviews and social media mentions daily.
  • Create a checklist of the main platforms you need to monitor regularly.
  • Use monitoring tools to streamline the process and ensure you don’t miss any major activities on these platforms.

3. Encourage Feedback & Respond Promptly

Ask for Feedbacks Online

As a part of your online reputation management strategy, encourage patients to leave reviews and respond to them promptly. Positive reviews can enhance your reputation, while timely responses to negative reviews show that you value patient feedback and are committed to improving their experience.

Healthcare businesses can ask for reviews via automated follow-up emails or text messages after appointments. Make it easy for patients by providing direct links to your website or review page on review sites. Also, don’t forget to respond to all reviews within 24-48 hours, thanking patients for positive feedback and addressing any concerns raised in negative reviews.

4. Prioritize Press and PR Outreach

Use Press & PR Outreach for Online Reputation Management

Positive media coverage can significantly boost your online reputation. Connect and develop good relationships with local journalists and media outlets for positive press coverage, which in turn can improve your credibility and visibility.

The following steps can help you build strong online reputation management strategies using press and PR outreach:

  • Create a press kit with information about your healthcare business, including services, achievements, and contact information.
  • Reach out to local media with press releases about newsworthy healthcare events, such as new services, community initiatives, or industry awards.
  • Build and nurture relationships with journalists by offering expert opinions on healthcare topics. You can reach out to PR agencies or healthcare digital marketing services that have strong connections with journalists and media personnel.

For online reputation management, you can also create Wikipedia or similar profiles for each healthcare provider to enhance their online presence and boost their reputation.

5. Share Reliable Content

Create & Share Relevant Content Online

Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the value of trustworthy information available online. Providing reliable, high-quality content on your website and social media platforms can establish your healthcare business as a trusted source of information. This content can include blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics on health-related topics relevant to your patients.

While preparing online reputation management strategy, develop a content calendar to regularly publish informative and engaging content. Focus on patient education by addressing common health concerns and providing tips for maintaining good health.

In addition, you can also utilize patient testimonials and success stories and share them on social media platforms to build trust and showcase positive experiences.

6. Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Excellent customer service is foundational to a positive online reputation. Ensure that your staff is trained to provide exceptional service and address service-related concerns promptly and professionally.

As a part of your healthcare online reputation management strategy, conduct regular training sessions for staff on the best practices of customer service. Implement a system for tracking and addressing patient complaints.

7. Conduct Patient Experience Surveys

Conduct Periodic Experience Surveys

Regularly conduct patient experience surveys to gather valuable information on where your healthcare business is doing well and where there is room for improvement. These surveys can share comprehensive insights into your services and guide your efforts to enhance patient satisfaction and overall reputation.

Design a simple, user-friendly survey that covers key aspects of the patient experience and distribute surveys via email, text message, or in-person after appointments. Analyze the survey results to identify trends and areas for improvement, and act on the feedback received.

How Mirra Can Help in Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation can be a complex and time-consuming task, but you don't have to do it alone. Mirra’s Medicare Advantage in a Box solution offers comprehensive healthcare digital marketing services that can help you engage with your community online with relevant content and develop a strong, positive online presence with personalized social media marketing strategies.

Grow your healthcare business with customized orm solutions

In addition, our comprehensive services also include branding and brand asset creation, user-friendly web and mobile development, and full-stack technology services. These combined efforts not only enhance patient experiences but also maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints. Choose Mirra‘s healthcare marketing solutions to ensure rapid, scalable growth and a strong online reputation in the competitive healthcare industry.

The Bottom Line

In today's digital world, managing your online reputation is crucial for the success of your healthcare business. By utilizing the online reputation management strategies outlined above, you can build a strong, positive online presence that attracts new patients and retains existing ones.

Your reputation is not just about responding to reviews; it's about consistently delivering high-quality care, engaging with your community, and continuously improving patient experience. Contact us now customized online reputation management strategies and help your healthcare business stands out for all the right reasons. 

*Data retrieved from Healthcare online reputation management: From reviews to patient loyalty | (n.d.).

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